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Apple AirPods campaign shows man bouncing freely through city streets

Music can move you, enough to dance and even groove in public. Apple takes that to a joyous extreme in its new gravity defyin film for AirPods.

The 'Bounce' campaign, shot in black and white, is designed to bring the flexibility of AirPods with wireless charging to life. Rather than be encumbered by bulky headphones or wires and a jack, the new AirPods feature wireless charging and voice-activated Siri, freeing the listener up to move in any direction.

The spot, directy by Oscar Hudson, starts with a man picking up his fully-charged AirPods from the wireless charging mat and popping them into his ears for his walking commute. As he walks along the street, he jumps on a thrown-out mattress, which propels him higher than expected.

He then realizes that his mundane commute can turn into a bouncy, musical experience. As he takes the streets, the whole environment of the city becomes a personal trampoline, allowing him to bounce around freely and effortlessly to the jazz-infused beats of the track. He even bounces off walls and defies gravity with each growing step.

The fluid movement is inspired and choreographed by nouveau-cirque acrobat Yoann Bourgeois, who conceived a bespoke performance for the film. A new extended version of the tune I Learnt Some Jazz Today by rising star, producer and songwriter Tessellated scores the piece.

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