The Ozone Project and OpenX partner to improve publisher monetisation

Programmatic advertising platform The Ozone Project has forged a new partnership with advertising exchange OpenX in order to increase monetisation of publisher’s digital ads.

The adtech company is now offering access to a vast audience on newsbrand sites, through the Ozone Audience platform, a collaboration between the Guardian News & Media, News UK, The Telegraph and Reach, which offers a brand safe environment with a combined audience of 42 million.

By partnering with OpenX, Ozone will be able to increase the number of premium buyers who can access its inventory by creating a scaled marketplace built on "quality and trust", formalising a partnership which has been in place since September.

Danny Spears, commercial director of The Ozone Project, said: “Ozone Audience’s partnership with OpenX now makes it possible for programmatic buyers to access quality audiences at unparalleled scale in trusted environments. It also underlines our commitment to helping our premium publishers increase their monetisation by providing them with truly incremental programmatic demand.”

Richard Ottoy, vice-president of publisher development for EMEA at OpenX added: “Beyond creating a trusted marketplace for publishers and buyers, this partnership presents an important opportunity to highlight the true value of audiences across the open web by leveraging Ozone’s collection of consented first-party audience data -- an added benefit that we believe advertisers have been looking for and that will result in publishers capturing more of the revenue they deserve.”

OpenX recently moved its entire exchange to Google Cloud, becoming the first major exchange to go serverless in the process.