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Meet the marketer of the future in the new issue of The Drum


By Cameron Clarke, Editor

June 12, 2019 | 4 min read

Making an issue of The Drum takes many pairs of eyes. But for our most recent magazine, our Marketer of the Future issue, we needed even more than usual.

The Marketer of the Future

The Marketer of the Future issue, out now

It all started back in March, when we introduced readers of thedrum.com to our first ever celebration of the most exciting new marketers in the world – The Future 50.

From Bengaluru to Berlin via London and Los Angeles, the Future 50 is a list of fast-emerging talents plying their trade at brands including Amazon, Elvie and Hyperloop.

They operate at the cutting edge of industries like media, travel and alcohol. And throughout the magazine, they help us understand how each of these worlds is changing.

It is our belief that these 50 marketers – all under the age of 30 or working in marketing for less than 18 months – have the potential to be the Keith Weeds, Marc Pritchards and Syl Sallers of tomorrow. And that’s why we’ve handed the new issue over to them.

They’re right there on the Masaya Kochi-designed cover (well, their eyeballs are at least), and they’re present in all of the features you’ll read, from telling us what the marketer of the future does right here and now in our Day in the Life spread to how they’d go about changing the industry if they were CEO for a Day. Before long, they will be.

A lot of work went into identifying the Future 50 after hundreds of nominations poured in from our online readers. There were pre-publication jitters as we fretted about whether we’d got the composition of the list just right – young people’s careers aren’t something to be toyed with.

But checking in on our 50’s progress three months on, it’s satisfying to see how many have already shot up the ladder at the brands they work for or have been headhunted by other organisations.

We can’t take credit for making this happen – that’s all down to the individuals themselves. But it’s reinforced our belief that these young marketers are going places, and it’s validated our decision to shine a spotlight on them in the first place. New talent needs every opportunity to thrive in an industry that has long been dominated by the same big personalities.

The trouble with only highlighting 50 marketers is that you’ll doubtless think we’ve missed someone brilliant from our list. If that’s the case, email research@thedrum.com and we’ll make sure they’re under consideration next year.

And if you are, shall we say, a more seasoned marketer, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Watch this space.

But for now, here’s to Alberto Gerin, Alexa Saller, Alexandra Preston-Morley, Alice Humphrey, Amy Turner, Andre Campbell, Andrew Pel, Andrew Watts, Ben Thomson, Brittany Turner, Catherine Willis, Chandini Malla, Charlie Holman, Chris Doe, Chris Drackovitch, Chris Edwards-Pritchard, Chris Ford, Dani Hughes, Daniel Parker, Danika Norman, Fatima Diez, Fraser Stapleton, Hannah Martin, Helen Saul, Isabelle Ambler, Jake Newbould, James Saker, Jessica Tryde, Joe Pascoe, Joelle Barthel, Joseph Harper, Kelly Farrell, Laurie Mackrell, Lucy Round, Mark Pearson, Melanie Palmer, Melissa Weston, Morwenna Francis, Nikhil Patel, Oleta Hambleton, Periklies Antoniou, Rosie Street, Samantha Friedman, Sarah Smith, Savena Surana, Steph Walker, Tim Ma, Timothy Katoga, Winona Mack and Zeenah Vilcassim.

If you want to know what the future of marketing looks like, we recommend you keep an eye on them. You can start by picking up a copy of our new issue.

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Future 50 The Drum Marketing

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