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Mia Hamm, Mallory Pugh recite Dr Seuss in Gatorade film to inspire the next generation of players

Soccer legend Mia Hamm stands with a young soccer player at the entrance of a packed stadium. She leans over and says, “Congratulations. Today is your day. You’re off to great places. You’re off and away.” It’s then we realize we’re hearing the Dr Seuss tome Oh, the Place You’ll Go.

Gatorade’s new film, ‘Every Day Is Your Day,’ features sports icon Hamm and rising US star Mallory Pugh and taps into the iconic Dr Seuss poem to demonstrate the powerful impact that sports can have on young athletes’ lives.

The action continues in the film as the young soccer player is transported to a Seuss-like world of tufted trees and green grass. She dribbles a colorful ball through the landscape, showing off deft skill along the journey of the two-minute-30-second film. Eventually she reaches a mountain top, where she must choose which way to go, as she is joined by teammates. The team reaches a stadium where the girl scores a goal against an opponent. Pugh is then seen talking to another young player, a passing to the next generation.

It ends with a text over stating “Every generation fuels the next.”

The film is part of the brand’s Sisters in Sweat initiative, which addresses an alarming stat: by age 17, girls drop out of sports at 1.5 times the rate of their male peers, and as a result, disproportionately miss out on the skills and long-term benefits associated with playing sports.

‘Every Day Is Your Day’ is meant to inspire young athletes about the power, skills and confidence instilled by playing sports.

Pugh is also the star of Gatorade’s Bring the Heat campaign this summer, which also features a quick shot of Gatorade star Lionel Messi.

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