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Paddy Power and Louis Walsh urge EU to avenge Brexit at Eurovision


By Imogen Watson | Senior reporter

May 15, 2019 | 3 min read

Paddy Power has enlisted X-Factor judge Louis Walsh to egg on the European continent to vote for the UK in this year's Eurovision contest; to avenge Brexit.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power enlists Irish music exec Louis Walsh

Ahead of Saturday's show (18 May) 'EU-Revision' cheekily encourages viewers across Europe to give their Eurovision points to the UK, noting how if Britain wins it will have to host the contest in 2020 and open its borders to EU contestants.

The campaign will launch in Europe with an event in Dublin as well as running billboards and print in neighbouring EU countries.

As Irish representatives, Paddy Power and Walsh are taking a light-hearted approach to the UK's EU departure. To mark the launch of the 'EU-Revision' campaign, Walsh can be seen fronting a tongue-in-cheek film that calls other EU countries to action.

After commending the musical talent that has arisen from the brotherhood of exceptional nations Walsh juts in to say "and then along came Brexit and ruined everything". Walsh then playfully teases that he is "coming out... in support of the UK at Eurovision."

Calling all the EU countries to arms, Walsh jokes: “If [the UK] win, next year they’ll have to host the festival and welcome thousands of Poles, Italians, Romanians, Irish…all those people that Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg love so much."

Throwing even more salt in their wound, Paddy Power highlights how the cost of hosting the festival will add to the UK's already inflated Brexit bill.

Paddy Power is never one to shy away from controversy, with a history of inflammatory work.

Last week, it shrugged off a ban from the Advertising Standard's Authority (ASA) that made light of footballer Ryan Giggs' scandalous eight-year affair with his brother Rhodri's wife.

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