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Cheez-It sends fans on a treasure hunt for a hidden bunker of its new snack

Snack cracker brand Cheez-It is tempting its fans with a scavenger hunt to find a hidden bunker of its new snack, called Snap’d.

Cheez-It Snap’d have hit the shelves, but the super thin, crispy snack with real cheese inside claims to be so “insanely munchable,” according to a release, that people will be grabbing multiple bags at stores and the brand is concerned that could lead to an impending cheese shortage.

Taking measures to stockpile the delicious snack for its biggest fans, Cheez-It stashed a bunker full of Cheez-It Snap’d somewhere in the United States. Where it is will be up to consumers to find, as the exact coordinates of the Snap’d bunker are a secret. The brand claims it might be tucked away in a cheese cave, an old cellar or a retired subway tunnel.

“Our fans love a great snack and Cheez-It Snap’d offers them a completely new experience,” said Jeff Delonis, senior director of marketing for Cheez-It. “So thin and crispy, the unique texture and distinct flavors make it different from any other Cheez-It offering. After seeing the snack fly off shelves, we wanted to ensure Cheez-it Snap’d were kept safe for our biggest cheese-loving fans.”

Cheez-It is offering the cheesy loot — a year’s supply of Cheez-It Snap’d — to the first person who finds it. Fans can also score some of the contents of the bunker. Cheez-It’s Twitter account will give clues leading to the Cheez-It Snap’d bunker, with clues starting now, including the video in the Creative Works box below.

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