By John Glenday | Reporter

March 19, 2019 | 2 min read

McDonald’s has continued its back to basics coffee campaign with another satirical dig at connoisseurs of caffeine, contrasting the over the top approach in most coffee ads with its own simplicity.

Finding humour in contrasts the chain depicts a sodden swimmer enjoying an improbable poolside refreshment as well as a hipster chemist brewing the ultimate pick me up in his basement, before cutting to a no-nonsense McCafe coffee.

Devised by Leo Burnett London the advert marks a continuation of its ‘Madness’ piece from 2017 by poking fun at those who take the drink to its extremes.

Michelle Graham-Clare, marketing director for McDonald’s UK, said: “The McCafé work has always rung true with customers—people who just want a great coffee. This campaign is no different, tackling the world of coffee advertising in a funny and relatable way. The campaign highlights the fact that we know people want to feel assured they are going to get a good cup of coffee, but they don’t always enjoy the pretentiousness that comes with it.”

Ever hungry for growth McDonald's is also pushing its home delivery service with a new Parisian print campaign.

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