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The Drum

Amazon debuts rewards programme on Washington Post and TikTok apps

Amazon debuts rewards programme on Washington Post and TikTok apps

Amazon has launched a new rewards programme with major brands such as Washington Post, TikTok apps and USA Today all embracing the service.

Amazon Moments offers consumers personalised incentives to keep spending by targeting specific discounts to individuals rather than rely upon blanket sales, with regular spenders treated to their own bespoke bargains.

The tool will also enable real-time tracking of consumers, pairing up specific actions with tailored rewards, such as dispatching a free pair of headphones to someone who watches selected new episodes of an Amazon Prime show, fully harnessing both its digital and physical expertise.

Amazon Moments chief Amir Kabbara said: “With Moments, Amazon is reinventing the way companies approach marketing by letting them turn engagement campaigns into rewarding moments that drive long-term value.

“Moments removes complexity for developers by packaging reward programs into a simple, self-service console that lets marketers set up campaigns quickly without worrying about reward sourcing, management, or fulfillment.”

At launch the service is available in over 100 countries, operating off a cost-per-action pricing model to ensure participating businesses, such as Sony Crackle, Disney heroes and Sesame Street, only pay up when a consumer completes a desired action.

The launch dovetails with a bout of negative publicity for the e-commerce giant following its abortive bid to build a New York HQ, stymied by local opposition.