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RACV enlists artists to pimp animal injury items in pet insurance campaign

Insurance company RACV has partnered with four acclaimed artists to create eye-catching animal injury costumes as part of the brand’s pet insurance campaign.

RACV enlisted the expertise of Dennis McCarthy, the mastermind behind car designs in ‘The Fast and Furious’ films, Tim Chapel, the costume designer from ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’, Gareth Davies, a tattoo artist at Bondi Ink and James Jirat Patradoon, a heavy metal illustrator.

The four designers were tasked with creating pimped up costumes for injured animals in the RACV’s new campaign to promote pet insurance.

The ads feature a dog with a twin turbo wheelchair, which was designed by McCarthy, a cat with a plastic cone complete with lions mane by Chapel and a variety of bandages and plaster casts for animals created by Davies and Patradoon.

The campaign aims to encourage pet owners to take out insurance to cover the “overconfident” escapades of their furry friends.

The designs will also be available as part of a limited-edition range, via a partnership with animal hospital Lort Smith.

The campaign was created by CHE Proximity.

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