Amazon woos select shoppers with free product samples

Amazon woos selected shoppers with free product samples

Amazon is harnessing its immense bank of customer data to issue targeted product samples direct to people’s door in the latest sign of the online retailers growing clout and confidence.

The act of apparent generosity is in fact the latest salvo in the firms push for a greater slice of the digital advertising industry as it compiles detailed digital profiles of consumers in order to furnish them with free samples of products which they are most likely to buy.

Explaining its new initiative on its website the company wrote: “Amazon surprises select customers with samples that we think will be delightful and helpful. It’s like Amazon’s product recommendations, but real, so you can try, smell, feel and taste the latest products. There is no obligation to purchase or review the product and you can opt out at any time.”

Chosen recipients will receive their product samples on the basis of their purchase history with Amazon actively encouraging brands to participate on the back of its unparalleled bank of user data.

The latest flourish comes as Amazon is eroding the digital advertising market share of Facebook and Google which lack the necessary delivery infrastructure. Nevertheless Amazon would do well tom tread carefully to avoid falling prey to the type of data scandal which has besmirched over the past year.

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