Adult Swim launches illusory VR campaign to launch series two of Dream Corp LLC

Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's late night programming block, excels in eccentric programming. So launching a virtual reality ad campaign for an irreverent TV show only makes sense.

Turner's Adult Swim has partnered with Omnivirt to launch a 360-degree, virtual reality digital ad campaign to promote season two of Dream Corp LLC.

"It felt like virtual reality fit perfectly into this show, which is a sort of wacky show where these doctors are unlocking people's dreams," said Omnivert co-founder and chief operating officer Michael Rucker.

"The experience of being able to essentially go into your dream takes full advantage of the medium here."

Turner, and its agency Horizon Media, turned to Omnivirt to package the content and distribute it across social media, virtual reality headsets and a range of websites.

"We're used to, as consumers, seeing flat and two-dimensional ads," said Rucker, "and pretty consistently we see, across every campaign we run, a massive uplift in engagement rate, click-through rate, time spent with these VR experiences. You're browsing through an article [online] and instead of seeing a flat banner ad, which you've seen for the past 20 years, in that same 300 by 250 space, you've got that magical window into the virtual world.

"So rather than flipping your thumb and scrolling past it, people are choosing to click on it, to engage with it."

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