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Sublime: Is our fear of the evolution of technology justified?

By Olivia Atkins, Writer

September 25, 2018 | 3 min read

As technology develops, we’re becoming increasingly threatened by its impact on human creativity. The Drum’s Creativity + Technology: The Formula to Inspire the Future report, produced in partnership with Sublime, suggests that technology can enable the creative process but first, we must redefine what this looks like in today’s digital age.

Creativity + Technology – the formula to inspire the future?

Creativity + Technology Sublime report

Many campaigns have questioned the intelligence of machines, with some even successfully proving their ability to outsmart humans. AI company DeepMind taught a computer to play the ancient Chinese game, Go, and the AlphaGo Zero campaign made headlines in 2017, when the computer successfully beat world champion Lee Sedol at the game. While it led many to rethink whether a machine could replace a human, others recognised that it was the perfect example of a machine needing a human in order to function.

While technology may not match a human’s creativity, it can be used as a tool to inform the creative process. Machines can alleviate humans of boring tasks like collecting and reading data, freeing up our time so that we can focus on pushing the creative further.

However, in the world of data, quantity has often come at the price of quality. Marketers frequently push out campaigns that don’t speak to their audiences, so customers become increasingly fed up with their persistence and are more inclined to block ads rather than engage with them. Marketers should always keep the customer in mind and consider the context within which their advertising sits and strive to remain relevant to their audience.

Creating bespoke digital work should be the priority for all marketers. Sublime’s new technology, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), tailors ads according to viewer’s interests, so they should be more suitably appealing for customers. Data can be very valuable in informing the creative process; however, humans should rely more fully on the power of human emotion, which remains unmatched when compared with machine intelligence.

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For more information about the report, visit Human Creativity: Is it threatened by the evolution of technology?

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