PlayStation releases action-packed promo video for Marvel’s Spider-Man game

PlayStation took over the airwaves with its new campaign, ‘Brave Idea,’ a visually stunning 90-second promo ad for the launch of the blockbuster action adventure game, Marvel’s Spider-Man, available only on PlayStation.

The film debuted during the inaugural game of the 2018 NFL season on NBC’s Thursday Night Football, giving it a huge audience for the highly anticipated game.

The creative starts with an electric fall sequence, as Spider-Man plummets from a building, getting beaten by characters in the game, until we hear six simple words from Peter Parker’s Aunt May that change everything, “Peter, it’s time to get up.”

Those words snap Spider-Man back to the light, as blackness turns to vibrant color and he vaults skyward into action against the villains.

PlayStation stated that Spider-Man has always been bright with bold colors, swinging through a sun drenched midtown Manhattan, but in order to highlight that world, they contrasted it against the darkness – the villains, the mayhem, the inner doubt that Peter Parker has.

“In order to express this fall and rising back up stronger, we must see and feel the fall, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Peter is pushed to this absolute limits, his mind and body nearly broken, his will hanging together by the thinnest of threads. This is his most important moment, the one in which, when things seem darkest, he must dig deeper, be bolder, and be greater,” the company said in a statement.

PlayStation also used the NFL prime time media event to raise awareness of its growing direct to consumer retail business, PlayStation Store and its Countdown to launch program. The PlayStation Store video messaged the benefits that Store offers to their consumers, the ease of downloading a game in minutes, and convenience of having the game loaded onto the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and available to play at midnight on the day of the game’s release today (September 7).

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an original Spider-Man adventure from PlayStation, Insomniac Games, and Marvel Games.

See the videos by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

Sony PlayStation: Brave Idea

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