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Amazon rebrands ad services divisions as Amazon Advertising

Amazon rebrands ad services divisions as Amazon Advertising

Amazon is simplifying its unwieldy advertising business by grouping Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services and the Amazon Ad Platform under the Amazon Advertising banner.

The umbrella brand aims to cut a swathe through the jumble of acronyms and products which have emerged as the sector balloons in ad-hoc fashion, leaving customers bewildered by the range of services offered.

While the naming convention may be altered the actual services offered under the hood will remain constant with the media group continuing to handle customised ad campaigns and the marketing services division overseeing automated ad buying.

Amazon’s ad platform will also remain in business, providing publishers with a marketplace from which to deliver their advertising across the internet. While it was at it Amazon also took the opportunity to rename ‘headline search ads’ as ‘sponsored brands’, bringing it into step with sponsored products.

Paul Kotas, senior VP of Amazon advertising, commented: "This is another step towards our goal of providing advertising solutions that are simple and intuitive for the hundreds of thousands of advertisers who use our products.”

Amazon’s ad business has grown arms and legs, becoming the fastest growing division inside the business with 132% growth in the second quarter alone, bringing in revenues of $2.2bn.