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YouTube jumps into action as viral film trailer terrifies unsuspecting viewers

YouTube has plunged a viral film trailer for The Nun into darkness following complaints from viewers who had been scared witless by the tried and true jump-scare tactics of its producers.

Depicting a priest seeking refuge from an unknown assailant within the tight confines of a wooden coffin, the man subsequently finds to his horror that he is not as alone as he might have wished.

While many horror fans have lapped up the shocking sights and sounds, others were caught unawares having been presented by the trailer courtesy of Google’s advertising algorithms, giving them an even bigger jolt of the unexpected when confronted with loud screams and flashing imagery.

Mindful of its own advertising policy YouTube has now taken down the clip for contravening its ban on ‘promotions that are likely to shock or scare’.

The short clip serves as a teaser for The Nun, the latest installment in The Conjuring franchise. The film is set in Romania during the 1950s and sets out to provide an origin story for the titular nun.

The Nun has been produced by Warner Bros.

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