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Dr Ruth is back in double entendre laden campaign for Sling TV streaming service

Dr Ruth Westheimer, like much pop culture from the 80s, is getting a reboot. This time as herself in a double entendre laden campaign for Sling TV.

The streaming service has debuted a series of ads from the Martin Agency, ‘Slinging with Dr Ruth,’ featuring the famed 90-year-old ‘sexpert’, who came to prominence in the 80s with her radio and television sex chat shows.

Sling TV’s first ‘We Are Slingers’ campaign, which launched in March, adopted the term ‘Slinger’ as an obvious play on the word swingers. The push was focused on audiences who have cut the chord on traditional cable but still enjoy live TV.

Now, shining a spotlight on the revolutionary ‘Slinger’ lifestyle, the company has brought in Dr Ruth as a highly-experienced relationship expert to show couples to how to get the most out of ‘Slinging’ and remind them that: “couples who Sling together, stay together.”

In ‘Positions,’ she encourages (fully clothed) couples to try new positions when watching Sling, like the ‘Reverse Armadillo’ and the ‘Flirtatious Kitten’ where the woman slowly pushes the remote off the table.

Dr Ruth also encourages couples ‘Don’t Fake It’ when watching, as there are shows on Sling that they can both watch. In ‘Seven Night Stand’ she encourages binging, but being prepared for it by warming up, getting comfortable and staying hydrated.

Additional campaign elements include social posts, gifs, display ads and radio.

The Martin Agency added a fun tidbit: While on production, Dr Ruth told their team that if they shook her hand, they would have good luck and passion in the romance department for the rest of their lives.

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