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Ads We Like: Greenpeace recruits ‘Notorious PIG’ for veggie hip-hip 90s throwback

The French division of Greenpeace is urging its nationals to cut back on meaty barbeques this summer through the medium of a 90s hip-hop music video.

‘You Don’t Need All That Meat’ ('Le tune de l'été qui dénonce la surconsommation de viande') is the work of the fictitious Gangsta Grill posse, headed up by animoji swine the Notorious PIG.

He and his crew of farmyard animals rap their way through a song about the negative impacts of industrial meat production, such as deforestation, water pollution and the increase in gas emissions, all the while getting grilled on the BBQ as sausages, chops, burgers and kebabs.

French agency 84.Paris styled the music video to look just like an old VHS recording of MTV through oversaturation, grainy quality and a soft focus on the barbeque. Beatboxer Eklips was recruited to emulate the style of hip-hop artists such as Cypress Hill’s B-real, Snoop Dogg and Billy Lawrence.

The average French person eats 86kg of meat per year, a weight that is twice the world average. As such, Greenpeace is promoting the reduction of meat consumption, rather than complete meaty abstinence.

“This video takes after the codes of 90s music videos,” Laure Ducos, agriculture campaigner at Greenpeace France. “We wanted to address barbecue amateurs and remind them of the problems industrial meat production causes to our health and environment.

“It’s not about depriving yourself this summer, but just consuming less and well: cut back on meat in favour of vegetables, and give preference to quality meat, produced locally.”

The music video will run online and on social media.

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