Agency: 84.Paris
Client: Greenpeace
Date: Jul 2018
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'You Don’t Need All That Meat' is a 90s style music video, which features 'Gangsta Grill', an animoji group consisting of a pig (Notorious P.I.G.), chicken, sheep, and cow, who encourage consumers to reconsider what they put on the grill.

Interpreted by French beatboxer and imitator Eklips who emulates the stylings of ‘90s hip hop artists and rappers, like Notorious B.I.G., B-real of Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg and Billy Lawrence, the song encourages listeners to reduce their meat consumption, eat locally, and consider vegetable alternatives.


- Brand : Greenpeace France

- Agency : 84.Paris

- Country: France

- Creative Directors: Olivier Bienaimé, Hervé Bienaimé

- Strategic Planners: Nicolas Camillini, Lucie Dominique, Charlotte Faure

- Art Director: Léo Sattin

- Copywriters: Etienne Vaast

- Agency Managers: Arnaud Depaul, Gwenaëlle Argat , Shirley Halimi

- 84.Paris Production Studio : Martin Dhote, Paul Perrier

- Agency Producer : Michaël Ligier, Milena Tarriere

- Sound Production : Attention O Chiens

- Beatboxer / Imitator: Eklips

- Media : Film

- Support : Digital