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Corona devises humble bragging out-of-office gif generator

Wooohooo – out-of-office

Corona’s latest digital campaign centres on ‘the world’s most unapologetic out of office generator’, a microsite launched right in time for the UK’s May Day Bank Holiday weekend.

Launched under the moniker of, the site allows consumers to automatically generate unusual and poetic automatic replies to emails received while on holiday. Prose on offer includes ‘Right now letting the swell dictate my schedule’ and the alluring ‘You really don’t want to know what I’m doing right now’.

The user is served up video compilations of grainy vacation shots with each click.

The AB InBev beer brand also offers a DIY option: users are asked to select a gif that represents their holiday destination, a message related to the moving image and the date of their return. The final customised gif can then be downloaded and exported directly to the consumer’s email provider.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the interactive campaign has been devised to bolster Corona’s credentials as an al fresco brand that was born on the beach. In a release, it stated its aim to ‘restore pride in spending more time outdoors’ and encourage people to say “Wooohooo” – with the three ‘o’s representing those in ‘out-of-office’.

“We can relate to the feeling of guilt most people have for taking time off work,” said Chris Jones, global marketing director for Corona at AB InBev. "As a brand that champions a life lived outdoors, we hope our new WooHoo generator will ignite a new mindset and inspire people to celebrate their time spent outdoors."

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