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Ad of the Day: Old Spice scented paper blazer makes readers of GQ dapper

Old Spice paper blazer

Old Spice’s ads are both bizarre and wickedly charming, cutting edge and occasionally out of left field. The brand continues to push creative limits in its latest print ad – a scented paper blazer meant to make any man stylish and smelling good.

It’s a print ad experience like no other from Wieden+Kennedy, with the scented, paper blazer insert placed in this month's issue of GQ. When a reader opens the scent strip of the ad they will smell the “luxurious smells of Old Spice Captain,” and they'll also be able to wear them and even flaunt them if they put on the full sized disposable paper blazer, scented with Old Spice Captain.

“This disposable paper blazer will be seen on the backs of influencers and fashionistas alike, but let's not forget our regular guy who will be receiving it in this month's subscription of GQ. With this paper blazer, everyone gets to live the luxurious life of Old Spice Captain. Smell the smells, live the life, don't go out in the rain because you will likely get paper machéd,” said the company in a statement.

Old Spice included photos of how dapper men can look in the blazer, being worn by hipster models. Looks to be perfect for the man on the go who forgot that he had a party or job interview and just happens to be reading a fashion magazine in its printed form. See the photos by clicking the Creative Works box below.

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