Client: Old Spice
Date: Feb 2018
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In the latest two spots for Old Spice, Wieden + Kennedy continues its odd ways, but with a Valentine's Day twist. It continues the 'Red Sweater' theme started during the Grammy Awards, that aired in French.

In 'Marco Love-O', a beautiful woman in a long red dress runs through a fancy darkened palace, calling out “Old”; In response, a handsome, tuxedo-wearing man emerges from behind a fancy statue, returning her haunting call with “Spice.” Where could he/she be? Will they find each other? Perhaps he’s hiding inside a giant, museum-quality Old Spice Ambassador stick. A broken mirror makes it all seem so hopeless. At last, “Old” and “Spice” find each other, proving that there’s no need to chase the premium scent that you desire.

'Mask' states, if the masks we wear define us, then this commercial selling Old Spice hair products is a peerless study into the psychology of the human brain revealing that deep down within the human beast is an infant baby that is motivated by five basic necessities: fuel, shelter, companionship, mental stimulation, and fajitas meals.


CLIENT: Old Spice

BRAND DIRECTOR: Bobbie Jo Ehlers


BRAND MANAGER: Gwynedd Davis



Executive Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley, Susan Hoffman, Mark Fitzloff

Creative Directors: Matt Sorrell, Ashley Davis-Marshall

Copywriter: Andy Laugenour

Art Director: Robbie Rane

Executive Producer: Endy Hedman

Producer: Byron T. Oshiro

Business Affairs: Dusty Slowik

Strategic Planning: Britton Taylor, Drew Phillips

Account Executive: Dave Ellerbee

Management Supervisor: Phil Williams

Account Director: Thomas Harvey


Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Steve Rogers

Executive Producer: Holly Vega

Line Producer: Pip Smart

Director of Photography: Mandy Walker


Editorial Company: Arcade Edit

Editor: Geoff Hounsell

Asst. Editor: Laura Sanford

Post Producer: Adam Becht, Alexa Atkin

Managing Partner: Damian Stevens

Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone

Head of Production: Kirsten Thon-Webb

VFX Company: The Mill

Shoot Supervisor: Tim Davies

Flame 2D Lead Artist: Tim Davies, Tim Rudgard

Flame 2D Artist: James Allen, Lisa Ryan, Scott Wilson, Alex Candish, Tim Robbins, Andy Dill, Chris Knight, Benoit Mannequin, Dag Ivarsoy

Executive Producer: Enca Kaul

VFX Producer: Anastasia von Rahl (Senior Producer), Dale Nicholls

Production Coordinator: Jalisa House

Additional VFX

VFX Company: Joint

Colourist: David Jahns

Flame 2D Lead Artist: Leif Peterson

Flame 2D Artist: Noah Poole, Andy Bate, David Jahns

Roto: Trace VFX

VFX Producer: Rebekah Koerbel


Colour Company: The Mill

Colour Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson

Colour Producer: Diane Valera

Colourist: Adam Scott


Music+Sound Company: Stimmung

Creative Director: Rory Doggett

Executive Producer: Kristina Iwankiw


Mix Company: Joint

Mixer: Noah Woodburn

Assistant Mixer: Natalie Huizenga

Producer: Jen Milano