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Impact Radius launches integrated beta offering, rebrands as ‘Impact’


By Ronan Shields | Digital Editor

March 21, 2018 | 5 min read

California-based Impact Radius has announced it is to integrate its product offering – spanning affiliate marketing, fraud detection, and measurement – in a beta test that marks a new direction for the company, and one it has marked by rebranding as Impact.

Impact logo

Impact is working with brands such as Airbnb, Lenovo, TicketMaster and Uber / Impact

Impact has kicked-off the test that will see it work with its client roster, which boasts names such as Airbnb, Lenovo and Uber among others, to pilot its new look marketing platform that will provide marketers with a more integrated offering encompassing its previously disparate offerings. The platform now incorporates Altitude, Forensiq, and Radius.

David A Yovanno, Impact, chief executive officer, said the rebrand was a means of underlining its new offering additionally claiming that his outfit was the first one to natively integrate its earlier products in a way that provides unmatched scale.

Additionally, the rebrand and more comprehensive product offering will help reposition Impact more firmly in the de rigeur adtech, or programmatic, space and distance the company from its earlier days when it was more commonly associated with the affiliate, or partner, marketing space.

“For example, we are the first to be able to identify and cleanse fraud before measurement, and to apply marketing intelligence and algorithmic attribution to inform optimal investments in advertising and commission payments to performance partnerships,” said Yovanno.

“This is not just a gradual improvement of Impact Radius, it’s more like an algorithmic jump and the value to the end-customer,” added Impact chief marketing officer, Scott Brazina.

Carlo Savino, executive director, North America e-commerce at Lenovo added in a press release: “We’re excited about Impact’s new integrated marketing platform and are currently using Radius to grow our global performance partnerships.

"We’re also very optimistic that Altitude can improve our marketing ROI and are in the process of evaluating it as a key component of our marketing ecosystem.”

Yovanno went on to explain his vision on how the company’s renewed product offering would act as a means of inducing further spend from clients, and that clients are now starting to use its offering more holistically, as opposed to using single point solution.

“We’ll start with a champion [product], but then we’ll pretty quickly move to other parts of the company where interests and growth opportunities lie,” he said.

He went on to explain his view that Altitude, Radius and Forensic services will spur further loyalty from its customers. “For instance, partner marketing for a long time has been about cash-back loyalty sites, so it’s been about affiliate marketing for the last 20 years.”

However, Impact’s model has now evolved to a new model whereby it partners with brands on a strategic basis – as opposed to the earlier performance-based model – whereby clients that experience success with one offering are gradually introduced to another.

One such example is TicketMaster using Impact’s technology to pay Facebook whenever the social network helps generate new sales. “Ticketmaster is paying Facebook on a commission basis, that’s not a traditional ad unit, it’s a partnership model,” added Yovanno.

Clients that find success with this model are then introduced to its measurement service Altitude, and eventually its fraud detection service Forensiq to help bring greater efficiencies to their display spend.

“This is starting to elevate the conversation, and we have clients [from a marketing department] coming to us and saying ‘you have to talk to my CMO, this is a whole new channel that we haven’t thought of before within performance partnerships',” he added.

Brazina added: “Customers are starting to see why these three are being better integrated and the possible synergies. For instance with the detection of ad fraud [via Forensiq] they don’t do about false attribution, so now they can clean the data and do true attribution and investment modeling.”

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