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Experian: Data needs to be fit for purpose

A common challenge for marketers is creating consistent touchpoints for their audiences across different media channels – whether that be through social media, email or programmatic advertising. But for Colin Grieves, managing director, Experian Digital Marketing and Media Services at Experian, the problem goes far deeper.

“If we look at programmatic advertising as an example, marketers are routinely confused by a vast array of inconsistently described audiences of data,” he told The Drum. “Prices for that data vary hugely and what does that lead to? Increased expense and less effective targeting and messaging. That in turn leads to a confused consumer. Nobody wins.”

So what can marketers do about it? Brands need to be certain they are dealing with accurate data which is “fit for purpose”.

“The way the ecosystem is set up today forces marketers to think about channels rather than audiences. And that’s the wrong way around,” he advised. “The good news is the data does exist to allow the creation of accurate audiences that can be communicated to, regardless of channel.”

For more insights, watch the full video above.

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