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Google Pixel shows off 'The Force' of its AR stickers in new Star Wars-themed spot

AR stickers were one of the major draws to Google's new Pixel 2 smartphone. The high-resolution characters are used to great effect and work seamlessly in our world in Google's new Pixel 2 spot, which recreates the most recent Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer.

Created by indie creative house B-Reel, the spot begins with a subway performer beatboxing the theme song as Stormtroopers descend from above. Kids and young adults recite the lines of Kylo Ren and Rey as cosplayers and other Star Wars fans dress up and prepare for the upcoming battle while AR Tie Fighters, droids, and AT-AT robots assemble around them.

Porgs litter a train station, employees pilot their starfighters around the office, and fans take the battle to parking lots, garages, and football fields. Zoom out, a little, then a lot, and it all takes place on a users' Google Pixel 2.

The Google Pixel, according to smartphone camera ratings system DxoMark, takes the best photos and videos on the market. That, combined with Google's new augmented reality engine AR Core, allows these figments of the Star Wars universe to pop as they would in the movie theatre.

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