Nike: Random Studio introduces interactive installation for Nike Free

For the launch of a new generation of Nike Free running shoe, Random Studio, a Dutch experiential design studio, created a range of hands-on digital and physical tools to illustrate the benefits of the brand’s unique Auxetic Sole technology.


Nike’s Auxetic Sole Technology is a patented structure that expands and contracts upon impact. Random Studio was briefed to create an interactive experience for three different training locations in Europe, which demonstrated how the new Auxetic Sole technology for the Nike Free shoe works.


The agency created an interactive, flexible screen that channelled both the look and flexibility of the new sole technology, challenging the boundaries between physical and digital. The interactive mesh is a combination of visual programming, interactive sound, backlit projection and depth tracking.

The projection on digital fabric was first shown in London, Berlin and Madrid, during training sessions for Nike product specialists. The same visual treatment was then applied to Kinect-connected retail installations at Nike Town, London. Finally, it was translated into a teaching application, an iPad interface, and distributed to 40 product specialists across Europe to train retail teams.


Random Studio was keen to deliver a similar experience on different technical platforms of varying scale and context. The elastic fabric interface required for the projection, the iPad touch version and the Kinect-based retail screen installation, all presented specific challenges.

For this reason, the agency developed the simulation of the actual Auxetic mesh independently from the destination platform. This was then applied to the three different platforms. Having the same code base for the different applications allowed the team to apply it to any surface, in any resolution.


The concept started as an installation for internal training only. Nike then asked Random Studio to develop the iOS application and the retail fixture at Nike Town in London. In addition, visuals created by the agency were utilised as posters in stores and the project also picked up a ‘Site of the Day’ award from The FWA.

This case by Random Studio is featured by the Dutch Digital Design collective

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