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Geico goes into space with latest ‘Count On’ ad featuring a star captain who loses his keys

After a successful introduction with a game-playing sloth, Geico is adding to its new ‘Count On’ campaign with a spot that aims for the stars, delivered from the Martin Agency.

The latest installment of the campaign is called ‘Captain’ and features a brash, swashbuckling space captain who is about to save the day when tragedy strikes. And by tragedy, that means the totally relatable moment of misplacing his keys, but with consequences of his ship being blown to smithereens in the middle of a heated battle. One might ask why space ships have manual ignitions, but that would ruin the humor.

The tag, “As long as people misplace their keys, you can count on Geico saving folks money,” is delivered by a now-recurring character, a suited, white-haired announcer who shows up at the end of each spot in the series.

The campaign is extended by a series of interactive adventure videos, where you can follow the hapless captain as he searches for his keys (and possibly gives up), choosing which step he takes next.

See the interactive videos by clicking the Creative Works box below.

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