Every conceivable butt euphemism utilized in new bidet seat campaign for Toto USA

Over 80% of households in Japan have a bidet seat for their toilets, but Americans haven’t caught the cleaning craze as of yet.

Toto USA, the Americas division of the Toto Global Group and one of the world’s largest plumbing manufacturers, has teamed up with advertising agency BarrettSF to create a new video for its Washlet, a high-tech bidet seat. Aimed to change America’s approach to bathroom hygiene, its message is simple: use water to clean your backside.

“99% of Americans don’t use bidet seats,” said creative director Aryan Aminzadeh. “But once you do, you realize you’ve been performing a daily activity the wrong way your whole life.”

To show how the Washlet works, the video follows a man toting a seemingly endless hose. He makes his way through several scenes, spraying water to clean everything in his path – from a dumper to a tray full of buns, a backdoor, a brownie box, an undercarriage and a poster featuring the planet Uranus.

“We liked the idea of using American euphemisms to appeal to the US market,” commented a Toto representative. “Interestingly, in Japan, no euphemisms for the word ‘butt’ exist.”

The video was directed by Cameron Harris of Gravy Films. As a native New Zealander, where toilets are rumored to flush backwards, he brought a global perspective to the project.

The video debuts online today (October 24) on a variety of platforms, including being regularly screened at Concept 190, Toto USA’s showroom complete with an experiential bathroom and toilet.

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