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Similar stories can be heard throughout San Francisco: Startup company is conceived and created over drinks with grand plans written on cocktail napkins. Only in our case, instead of talking about seed money and “first to market globalization,” the grand plan was simple: Let’s be the best ad agency in the world.

And that’s how it happened in the fall of 2012, when Jamie Barrett and Patrick Kelly—friends from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners—had a beer at the Old Ship Saloon and decided to start barrettSF. Now entering year three, barrettSF has grown into a full-service agency with tables, chairs, 22 employees and a healthy roster of clients. This May, we made the either brave or reckless decision to move the agency into a new 8000 square foot space in San Francisco’s Union Square neighborhood. It’s three times the space we have now, so we’re definitely making a bet on ourselves.



+1 415 986 2960
250 Sutter Street,
Suite 200
San Fracisco, CA 94108
United States

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