Adobe partners with 15 adtech firms to make all fees transparent

Adobe has partnered with 15 inventory suppliers, including supply-side platform (SSP) and exchange partners, to offer advertisers full supply side transparency.

“We believe deeply that transparency can benefit everyone in the digital advertising industry, not just marketers,” explained Adobe Advertising Cloud vice president, Brett Wilson.

“Openness and innovation are hallmarks of Adobe Advertising Cloud and we are please that our supply partners have joined us as we collectively work to bring accountability that most will agree is long overdue.”

The initiative builds on previous campaigns by Adobe to bring marketers increased control and transparency. The partnership looks to make all fees - including some that were previously undisclosed - fully transparent and comes at a time when when suppliers are actively looking to increase transparency around auction dynamics passed to buy-side partners.

Brian Chap, associate vice president programmatic and technology advancement at L’Oreal, praised Adobe’s role in helping deliver its programmatic strategy and investment goals. In March, The Drum spoke with L’Oreal’s UK chief marketing officer discussing issues with transparency and media buying in depth.

Participating partners include Google AdEx, MoPub, Oath, OpenX, the Rubicon Project and more.