Iotec study finds 41% of marketers remain intimidated by mobile programmatic

Iotec study finds 41% of marketers remain intimidated by mobile programmatic

Media buying platform Iotec has revealed findings from its latest research into the burgeoning field of mobile programmatic advertising, including the startling conclusion that 41% of marketers remain intimidated by the technology.

Contained in its Mobile Transparency Report the findings dovetail with eMarketer research showing that mobile media will surpass TV activity as early as 2019, making mobile an ever more crucial lynchpin of any advertiser’s armory.

As recently as 2016 mobile advertising accounted for just 50% of UK digital advertising.

Paul Wright, chief executive of Iotec, said: “Our findings have made it incredibly clear that brand advertisers and tech vendors all need to improve the way our industry works. An open and honest ecosystem with an active commitment to ad fraud prevention stands to benefit us all.”

“That’s why we wanted to conduct this research - we now know that marketers perceive the mobile programmatic landscape to be complex, further exacerbating the issue of transparent actions. After all, how can you work effectively within a system you don’t understand? Therefore, we hope these results and recommendations serve as benchmarks for industry leaders to sign up to and use for themselves and their clients in the future.”

Other report findings include the fact that 60% of marketers intend to increase their mobile programmatic ad spend over the next year with the top three transparency concerns for the sector being fraud, viewability and targeting.

Last year The Drum partnered with Iotec to launch a white paper exploring the benefits of intent marketing to marketers.

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