Apple Watch 3 spot touts 40 million Apple Music songs available wirelessly

This Sunday (September 17), during NFL and Emmy broadcasts, Apple will debut ‘Roll,’ the first Apple Watch 3 film to hit broadcast airwaves, in follow-up to Tuesday’s keynote announcement.

‘Roll’ highlights the innovative Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular that Apple touts will revolutionize the way people listen to and stream music.

For decades, music has been an important part of Apple products dating back to the very first iPod and iTunes experience. Tuesday’s announcement displayed that the tech giant wants to continue to be at the forefront of the evolution of music streaming. With the new device, consumers will have the ability to stream up to 40 million Apple Music songs wirelessly from their wrist.

In the new spot, skateboarder Kilian Martin places his wireless Apple earbuds in, connects to his Apple Watch 3 and gets carried away by the music as he skates amidst the chaos of a crowd. In sync with the track ‘Misbehaving’ by Labrinth, Martin’s gravity-defying moves are meant to depict the unencumbered feeling users can experience by streaming music without wires or a physical tether through Apple AirPods and the all-new Apple Watch Series 3.

This is the third spot for the Apple Watch 3, with the first being an open letter from users saying how the Apple Watch has improved their life, and the other an impressive spot showing an anonymous surfer receiving an incoming call as they ride a wave, illustrating the new model’s cellular capabilities. It comes at the same time as the announcement and introduction of the iPhone X.

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