'Creatives are embracing AI & machine learning to help them think differently about their jobs,' says Adobe platforms VP

Creatives have begun to embrace the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning as it allows them to introduce new possibilities into their campaign ideas, according to Adobe's VP platform & products, Suresh Vittal.

Speaking to The Drum at Dmexco ahead of appearing on stage to present Adobe Sensei, a product he claimed could offer "vast amounts of data and content" which would make AI algorithms "smarter", Vittal pointed to a change in mindset that is entering the creative field around burgeoning technologies.

On AI he claimed that it was facilitating hobbyists by making tools "more accessible" before discussing the impact it was having upon the marketing services sector.

"Creatives do their roles in their own environment and the marketers do their planning in their own environments also. There has always been the challenge over how you make that process completely seamless for both AI and machine learning, which can play a big role in making sure that marketers have access to the right assets when they meet them and creatives can understand through content intelligence what is being used, what is working, what is not working and what can be invested into.

"Creatives also get a sense of pride in seeing what they build being used and they now understand that the intelligence of what is being used and how it is being used can help them to think differently about their jobs."

He added that the idea of using AI was a more responsive one because it opened up the opportunities to consider using AR and VR in their creative output: "It literally expands their creative pallet and the landscape they are working within is multidimensional."

Vittal also described digital transformation as "a secular tend" in that he felt certain sectors such as retail and commerce, financial services and pharma brands cared about it most.

"It forces a one-on-one discussion with the customer. Everybody needs to have that; the intermediary is disappearing so you have to be equipped to have a one-on-one conversation with a customer by creating a new skillset inside your organisation. A lot of the 'traditional' sectors like FMCG and pharma – those are the businesses that are probably seeing it early today, but I don't think that any industry is immune to digital transformation."

Earlier today, Adobe also announced a new EMEA managing director for its Marketing Cloud service, Phillip Duffield.

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