Audience Project’s CEO on how the industry can become more transparent about data

Transparency is the buzzword in the industry but the focus has been too much on media buying, and less on the data being applied to that media, according to Audience Project’s CEO, Jacob Lachmann.

Speaking at Dmexco in Germany, Lachmann says brands are often unclear on what they should be expecting from the data they are buying.

He says: “It’s a bit like going to the supermarket to buy mincemeat. You want to know, does it contain 5% or 10% fat? Is it German or UK meat? You should start asking questions like that.”

And while Lachmann acknowledges the challenge in “creating a massive ecosystem” to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook, he advises brands and publishers to mimic their example by “seeking partnerships” so they can activate their data properly.

For full insights, watch his interview above.

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