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Guerrilla clown marketing casts a shadow over Australian cities as IT comes closer

IT graffiti

Innocent Australians are being unsettled on the streets by a devious marketing stunt for Stephen King horror movie adaptation IT.

Pennywise the Clown has been plastered across the likes of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with street art, all promoting the movie launch 7 September.

In addition to this activity, red balloons have been anchored into drains reminiscent of those balloons Pennywise uses to lure kids into his subterranean lair. The text, ‘It is closer than you think. #ITMOVIE in cinemas September 7’ accompanies the balloons.

B&T noted that the work was produced by agency Mr. Glasses and Showtime Marketing. Most interestingly, the agencies were forbidden from using the actual likeness of the clown, underlining how a limitation has been turned into a positive.

It comes after a terrifying virtual reality experience was also released to promote the movie.

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