Snapchat's 'older' users more open to brands than its core teen audience


Snapchat is inarguably the domain of teens but new research claims there is more opportunity for brands among the app's 'older' users - that is, those who are aged between 25-34.

Media agency UM interviewed 2,500 UK consumers aged 16 and above as part of a wider social media study. It found that the major draw to Snapchat from Facebook was that their parents were not on it; 40% of those aged 16-24 admitted this, while among 25-34-year olds this sentiment reduced to a mere 20%.

George McMahon, insight executive at UM, said: “Although teenagers may be enthusiastic users of Snapchat because their parents are nowhere to be seen, they’re not as open to finding new brands and products to try that way. That might be youthful cynicism, but it may also signal a change in how brands use the network.”

“Snapchat has said it’s looking to improve its offering and create efficiencies for advertisers. If it’s more receptive audiences are actually twenty - and thirtysomethings, advertisers using it to target teens may have to reappraise their content strategies.”

What's more, 14% of users aged 16-24 use the app to scout new products and brands, with this figure rising to one in five (21%) among users aged 25-34. A slightly higher interest in Snapchat lenses was noted among the 25-34 crowd too.

Different age groups use the app in notably different ways - 80% of teens use Snapchat Stories compared to 65% in the older bracket, and half of teens use the content segment Discover compared to 32% in the older bracket.

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