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Small video players, desktops are factors in rising video click-through-rates

There is rise in video click through rates (CTR) that indicate an ease with video for users and advertisers, marked by a 54% increase in desktop video viewing and a 37% increase in mobile views.

In a benchmark report by cloud platform Extreme Reach, the changes in click through rate (CTR) imply that mobile video viewing, in particular, is expected to rise with small video players seeing a jump in usage while in-banner video ads continue to decline and are down to 17%.

The reports speaks to a significant increase in consumer response to video advertising and a definite draw attention to advertiser focus on mobile, the report suggests.

A significant number of consumers are responding to the improved quality of video content, with viewability, completion rates and time spent metrics up 19% this year.

“We've noticed trends that attest to the ever-changing face of video advertising," said Dascha Bright, senior vice president of account management at Extreme Reach. "As the birds eye view into video ad placements and consumer response, which are shaping the way ads are deployed."

The report is based on third party video ads serving data, which is MRC accredited for impressions, clicks, general invalid traffic filtration, and viewability. The report was conducted with the goal of providing visibility into changes in video advertising usage and metrics.