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Daniele Fiandaca and Nadya Powell to ‘re-wire business for the age of creativity’ with Utopia consultancy


By Stephen Lepitak, -

June 13, 2017 | 4 min read

Creative Social and Innovation Social co-founders Daniele Fiandaca and Nadya Powell have set up a business consultancy which they hope will disrupt businesses in order to harness the power of creativity.

Daniele Fiandaca & Nadya Powell

Daniele Fiandaca & Nadya Powell launch Utopia

Utopia will see the pair work with the self-imposed mission to ‘re-wire business for the age of creativity’ which will aid clients to become more agile, innovative and faster to reach market.

“If you look at the power of efficiency then creativity is the only way, Fiandaca states while speaking to The Drum about the business.

“This idea of creativity I've been exploring for two years and as time goes on we are seeing more people talking about it,” he added before explaining that the idea was forged between the pair while attending SXSW in Austin where “the idea of robots and emotional intelligence really hit home.”

He went on to explain that the consultancy will aim to introduce business transformation across four service areas: relevant business purpose, the use of creative leadership models, cultural creativity being embedded within each organsation alongside innovation to improve thinking and business outcomes.

“We are trying to redefine how business should run,” states Powell matter of factly.

“A lot of people are falling out of networks as they frustrated over the creativity within these business... the time was right, the people are there and brands want to bring creativity into the heart of their business,” continues Powell who believes that the creation of the business would have been ‘impossible’ just three years ago.

Explaining the ambition to ‘Rewire business for the age of creativity’, Fiandaca explains his view that “now it's about time and everyone is starting understand that automation is taking away the mundane. Businesses are feeling lost and they don't know how to navigate the new world. What digital has done is create change and they don't know how to navigate that speed of change.”

The business will be supported by 30 ‘Utopians’ – expert professionals in different creative fields who will be brought in when their expertise fit the problems that clients aim to overcome.

Those involved include Ali Hanan from Creative Equals, Selma Nichols from Looks Like Me, Jonathan Lindon from Digital Futures, Marc Runacus from Pride AM and John Monks and Lizzie Shupak from Curve.

Over the coming months it is hoped that the number involved will rise to as many as 60 ‘Utopians’ potentially offering bespoke services when required.

Continuing to explained the rational for the consultancy’s creation, Fiandaca claimed that three quarters of employees within businesses are disengaged. “Everyone is creative - I'm a qualified chartered accountant for example and I’ve done a lot of work with big brands around hacking. We’ve been on a mission to get everyone to be hackers - getting people to look at what is broken and fixing it. That's what creativity is. Delivering solutions that can solve problems.”

Fiandaca and Powell also intend to continue to run Creative Social and Innovation Social alongside the new endeavor.

Daniele Fiandaca Innovation Marketing

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