By Charlotte McEleny, Asia Editor

May 26, 2017 | 2 min read

The IAB Singapore has launched ‘Rolling Heavies’, a new video series that puts the most senior digital leaders in APAC, members of the IAB Singapore Board, on a bike to ask them about their career and experiences.

The third in the monthly series features Joe Nguyen, senior vice president of Asia Pacific for Comscore, who talks to Miranda Dimopoulos, CEO of IAB Singapore and ambassador to Southeast Asia about why talent comes from the top-down, what is next after search and social and being unofficial Joe.

On the topic of what he sees as the biggest shift, he said: “It keeps on shifting. In the early days it was just display advertising and it very quickly shifted to search, and then these days it’s shifted to social: it’s going to shift again. Things are going to shift but it’s not like we’re not going to do social, we still do search and Google still makes a tonne of money. Search will still be there, social will still be there; what’s the next thing?”

The first of the series featured Tobias Wilson, CEO of APD in Singapore and chairman of the IAB in Singapore, who chatted about leadership, agency culture and beard grooming. Following that was Su-Lin Tan, deputy head of the digital division at Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), who spoke about career progression, digital transformation at the publisher and being a geek.

Still to come from Rolling Heavies is Michel De Rijk, APAC president of Group M’s Mplatform.

To produce The Rolling Heavies series, IAB Singapore partnered with 90 Seconds.

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