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‘My work is not who I am’: Exceptional Women of the World featuring Pam Scheideler, chief digital officer, Deutsch LA

Occupying the unique space between brands, technologists and creative can be an interesting place — and uncomfortable for some. For Pam Scheideler, chief digital officer of Deutsch Los Angeles, it fits like the glove.

Though a technologist at heart, Scheideler understands the machinations of each segment and has an innate ability to bring right- and left-brain people together for the common good, especially when it benefits a brand and CMO.

In fact, one of Scheideler’s key strengths is her ability to teach marketers — one CMO remarked that whenever she talks, there is always something new that she learns. High praise indeed, but a trait that comes with years of agency experience and perspective and her willingness to never hold anything, especially knowledge, back.

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a degree in social work, Scheideler went the public path out of school, but found the siren sound of the dot-com boom too enticing to ignore. That said, she firmly believes that technology and the internet are the best community organizing tools and, even for a brand, can have profound effect.

Raised on the east coast, Scheideler has fully embraced the “LA way”. This “kinder, gentler” approach surprised her at first, but she found that her past life, as a digital mercenary working at agencies for a few years, then moving on to the next challenge, was easily replaced with the long view in Southern California.

That worldview is helpful, as it can better separates work and life. But she’s never afraid of critique in her work as a mechanism to grow and flourish — and those walking the path with her are most certainly the beneficiaries.

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