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YouTube content creators could see ad revenues fall as Google imposes new controls

YouTube content creators see ad revenues fall as Google imposes new controls

Some YouTube content creators have voiced upset after observing a discernible decline in their advertising revenues following the imposition of more stringent controls by Google to calm advertisers disquiet over their association with extremist content.

Major advertisers have withdrawn their campaigns in recent weeks, prompting a rush to tweak their ad system to protect the reputation of advertisers.

A YouTube community manager advised those affected: “If you’re seeing fluctuations in your revenue over the next few weeks, it may be because we’re fine tuning our ads systems to address these concerns.

“If you think your video was demonetized in error, request an appeal by clicking on the yellow $ icon next to the video in Video Manager.”

Nevertheless the changes have led to confusion on the platform, with many creators raising concerns about apparent inconsistencies. One channel run by a transgender activist complained that they’d been losing ads, despite complying with Google’s guidelines.

In an effort to stem the outflow of advertisers Google has implemented a series of beefed-up ad policies, enforcement and controls.

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