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Apple unveils Clips, a video sharing app that takes the best parts of Vine and Instagram

Apple's Clips

Apple has launched a video platform called Clips, a camera and social video editing app that is reminiscent of Twitter’s recently shuttered Vine.

The service offers filters overlays and extensive video editing features that will enable greater on-the-move storytelling.

Differentiating it from Vine and other services is that the videos can be as long as an hour long. According to the Verge, the app will help bring out the value in Apple’s camera hardware with the company positioning itself as a creative tool just as much as a comms device.

Unlike the brands current video editing software, iMovie, one prominent feature is that users can record subtitles for the videos using their voices, a helpful tool for scripted works. With it being Apple, the preferred route to promote the videos is iMessage although the app embeds with all the usual social networks too.

The app is the cherry on top of a busy day for Apple that say it unveil a new iPad and iPhone.