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#LoveIsLove creative challenge brings LGBT leads to famous ads including Wonderbra, Milk Tray, Coca-Cola and more

Apple, Coca-Cola, Wonderbra and more get an LGBT makeover

It's Valentine's Day and as far as The Drum is concerned #LoveIsLove.

Over the years we've seen brands slowly begin to introduce LGBT characters and themes into their ads - from Honeymaid's 'This is Wholesome' to Skittles' 'Share the Rainbow' in celebration of London Pride.

But, as photographer Bronac McNeill pointed out in her opinion piece, 'Sex sells, but what about sexuality?', the majority of these ads usually only feature 'normal' looking gay, white men.

So, for Valentine's Day, in addition to sharing all of this year's loved-up campaigns, we've asked creatives to reimagine their favourite classic ads featuring a host of diverse LGBT characters.

Here we round up our favorite entries to share including This Gurl Can, an all-new Diet Coke Break and a reworking of Volkswagen's famous 'Think Small'.

This Gurl Can

Credit: Matt Knowles

Apple: Think Different

Credit: Connor & Charlie (Karmarama)

Think Small

Credit: Sarah Hiraki (Essence)

Hello Girls

Credit: Consider

Lynx Effect

Credit: Sam Carter

Milk Tray: All because the lady loves...

Credit: WATB Creative

Visa: Running Man

Credit: Tim Glister


Credit: Adam & Ted

Diet Coke Break

Credit: Consider

Coca-Cola: Taste Freedom

Credit: Beatrix Sackey

Burger King

Credit: WATB Creative

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