BBC Three identity refresh makes assets more digital and social friendly

Just a day after BBC director general sir Tony Hall said he wants to revolutionise the BBC iPlayer with techy features, Netflix-style binging and user personalisation, BBC Three has “refreshed” 2016’s all-encompassing rebrand.

Building upon the identity created by Red Bee at the opening in 2016, a rebrand that was admittedly cursed by a BBC comedy series, Studio Output was tasked with renovating the BBC Three logo to create a stamp graphic that can be used to create a branded impression on content as follows.

The design is thought to give BBC Three's content a more cohesive brand now the channel is online-exclusive on the BBC iPlayer.

The studio said in a statement: “The BBC Three brand needs to thrive while promoting a wealth of material in social environments.

“We set straightforward guidelines for the existing brand typeface, layout and framing. These distinctive elements help BBC Three to gain attribution for its fantastic content.”

Check out the refresh in its entirety here.