BBC America layers Doctor Who re-runs with tweets, fan art and storyboards in social TV drive

BBC America, acknowledging the importance of social media as a catalyst for more engaging TV, is primed to implement facts, fan art and social media comments during re-runs of season nine of Doctor Who.

The initiative, dubbed 'Doctor’s Notes', is set to add extra depth to re-runs of the latest season of the sci-fi drama for American audiences. Fan art, storyboards tweets and content from Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook will be collated and threaded through each episode from 30 January.

The scheme will embolden Whovians to comment during live showings of Doctor Who with the added chance of their sentiments featuring as it airs again months later.

The BBC has long leveraged the power of the show's social media draw. When Capaldi took up the Doctor’s mantle in August 2014, the BBC One broadcast in the UK generated 734,000 mentions on Twitter.

In the following two seasons, the BBC has provided endless social media watercooler moments and is looking to stoke its online audience with further incentives to engage – such as Doctor’s Notes.

No word on the feature making its way to UK screens in the near future however.

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