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Doritos launches Roulette snack in experiential push

Doritos has launched its new Roulette snack in a experiential push that tested peoples' bravery by asking them to walk over hot coals.

The challenge aimed to reflect the nature of the Doritos Roulette product itself, which contains one extra hot crisp in every handful of cheese flavoured crips, by creating a ‘roulette’ atmosphere for groups to enter in to.

Those who agreed to take part were taken to a challenge location where they were faced with four doors and asked to choose one each. Some were greeted with a sofa, drinks and Doritos, while others were challenged to walk over hot coals to win a night out on a private jet.

Michael Walford, Doritos marketing manager said: “We loved setting the groups this hot challenge and seeing which recruits could handle the heat, and the reactions we got were great. The fire walk proved there are some bold people out there and now it’s up to the British public to prove their boldness and take on Doritos Roulette.”

Doritos Roulette has been launched as part of a wider For The Bold campaign by Doritos to encourage people to make bold choices when they’re getting together with friends.