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#CatOnStairs illusion looks set to usurp #TheDress as social media erupts in conflict… again

It has happened again. Twitter users are engaging in fierce debates about an optical illusion within a grainy image online.

Sparking Schrödinger's Cat-esque debates (a feline paradox thought experiment by physicist Schrödinger) online, the pictured image originally appeared on Imgur almost a week ago, with viewers unsure whether or not the cat is indeed travelling up or down a set of stairs.

Reliving much of the same hype that the black and blue - or white and gold - dress received in March (more here) Twitter users even failed to agree on a single hashtag for the discourse, which ran with #CatStairs, #CatOnStairs , #theCat and #CatGate.

Viewers remarked on Twitter just how confounding the illusion was – showing how such images have great capacity to spark engagement and debate, issuing an important reminder for social media marketers.

Last time around, many brands got involved in The Dress discussion, it remains to be seen whether the same will occur for #TheCat.