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Ukip tops Twitter mentions for a week following ITV seven-way party leader debate

Ukip was the most talked about party in the aftermath of ITV’s seven-way party leaders’ debate, according to analysis from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) software PeriVista.

The seven days following the televised debates between the heads of the UK's seven biggest political parties sparked 5.7m tweets related to the election. TCS analysed this data on to discover which politicians, parties and issues were trending.

The study found that Ukip was mentioned in 29.1 per cent of all general election tweets, followed by Labour which accumulated 27 per cent. The Scottish National Party took third place taking over a fifth of all mentions and the Green Party took a twentieth.

TCS’ ElectUK app also analysed last week’s points of discussion on Twitter, with healthcare being the dominant talking point in the last week, accumulating 31.3 per cent of all mentions.

Discussions around the economy represented a quarter and Europe comprised 13.7 per cent of chatter.

Social media coverage around the ITV event was skewed however after web users noticed how the broadcaster’s #massdebate hashtag could be humorously subverted.