By Natalie Mortimer | N/A

June 11, 2014 | 2 min read

Diageo-owned rum brand Captain Morgan has created a unique bathroom video game to help pubs and bars build buzz around the World Cup.

The ‘Captain’s Cannon’ game, powered by Captive Media, will feature in 10 central London locations, including Exhibit Diner, Balham, The Loop, Mayfair and Piccadilly Institute, Piccadilly Circus, and plays on a penalty shootout.

Through the game consumers can compete for the top goal scorer position by playing hands free whilst at the urinal using the control of their “flow” to fire the ball from the Captains ship into a digital goal.

Once their “ammunition” has run out, each player then has the chance to sign their name onto the national leaderboard, using their mobile phone, and tweet their score.

Samantha Newby, marketing manager for Captain Morgan Western Europe at Diageo said: “Captain Morgan is always looking for ingenious and fun ways to connect and recruit our crew. It is increasingly difficult in bars to standout, the Captive Media washroom media offers an innovative way to interact with our adult audience in a fun and engaging way, making the brand top of mind when they return back in to the bar, and gives them social currency to challenge their mates to beat their score!”

Captain Morgan came up with the game after conducting a poll of 1,000 Britons which found that a third of England football fans are concerned the new ball may hamper England’s chances in the tournament this year. The rum brand said the game would help to put fans mind’s at ease by putting the official ball “through its paces”.

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