Which? investigation reveals tablet manufacturers apply 1,000% mark-up on storage

By John Glenday | Reporter

November 20, 2013 | 1 min read

An investigation conducted by Which? has found that tablet manufacturers are applying an ‘outrageous’ mark-up of as much as 1,000 per cent on additional storage space.

Citing the example of a 32GB iPad Air the consumer champion noted that it cost an extra £80 to produce compared to the 16GB version – despite the additional memory costing Apple a mere £6 to procure.

The finger of blame was also pointed at rivals Google which charges £70 to increase storage space on its Nexus 10 device by the same amount and Amazon which asks for £40 to boost storage on its Kindle Fire HD.

The Which? report read: “The best thing about using a tablet is filling it with apps, songs and videos that you love. But all of this content gobbles up storage space fast, and tablets use flash memory that's limited in size.

“Unlike with PCs, tablet storage is difficult to upgrade after you've purchased your model. That's because most tablet bodies are sealed and don't let you install further hardware.”


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