BBC, Guardian and Telegraph considered best sources of UK investigative journalism by British public

The BBC, the Guardian and the Telegraph are the best sources for investigative journalism in the UK according to a poll of the British public.

Poll: The YouGov survey gather the views of nearly 2,000 people

Of 1,807 people surveyed in a YouGov poll, 61 per cent said the BBC was either good or very good for investigative journalism, while the Guardian/Observer came in at 58 per cent and the Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph received a 53 per cent endorsement.

The study was conducted in association with the London Press Club and found that 58 per cent of people thought that the quality and outlook for UK journalist was either good or very good, and two thirds (66 per cent) felt that investigative journalism had a positive impact on UK democracy.

However, nearly half (45 per cent) said there were “too many legal restrictions and risks for journalists these days” and 34 per cent wanted a change in the law to help journalists.

Nine per cent of people supported the idea of direct state funding to boost investigative journalism while 26 per cent wanted more BBC resources spent on investigations. More than a quarter (28 per cent) thought investigative journalism should not receive any support from sources outside of the media.

The survey comes as the struggle to reach a consensus on press regulation continues following the Leveson Report. Press groups are now appealing the Queen to intervene on behalf of the industry after the three main political parties in the UK reached a deal on a draft Royal Charter, which has been opposed by many of the country's major titles.

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